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Money Maker Cooperative

Money Maker [English]

Money Maker [English]

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Money Maker is truly a wonderful game that easily demonstrates the effects of the monetary system on our economy and behaviours. It is both fun and serious. The game is set in the 17th century - the Golden Age, where it all began. You play a bank in the city and it is your task to become the richest banker. Will your investment make the economy bloom? Or will you cause the next crisis. 

Money Maker is a combination of Catan, Monopoly and Poker. As opposed to Monopoly, where the bank is a side actor, in Money Maker every player is a commercial bank! The goal of the game is to end up as the richest bank, meaning the bank with the most money, or the one least indebted (lowest negative score). Will your investments grow the economy? Or will the next financial crisis start at your bank?

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